What His Wedding Guests Didn’t Know

02-11-15_6-32 PMNate couldn’t be happier as he kisses his bride beneath the arch in the garden. Keisha is beautiful as ever, his guests are happy, and his sister did a marvelous job setting the garden up for the wedding. Most of all, Nate is thrilled that Keisha said yes.

But there’s something that no one except for Keisha knows. She said no first. Nate should have known the timing wasn’t right, but he couldn’t help himself. He’d gotten down on his knee in the garden one day while she was visiting and popped the question. She’d felt rushed and turned him down.

Poor Nate almost died of embarrassment. He fell into a heap of mortified Sim right there in the garden. The grim reaper showed up to collect while Keisha stood by weeping with regret. At the last moment she began pleading for Nate’s life. The grim reaper relented and Nate’s Simself returned to him.

There was a time of tension between the two as they mended fences and reconnected. Nate was convinced that since Keisha had pleaded for his life, there was still hope. So Nate kept pursuing Keisha. Showing her that his love had not died. In time, when he thought Keisha was ready, he took her small hands in his, kissed them tenderly, and asked her to be his forever Valentine.

This time, she said yes. Nate couldn’t wait to start the rest of his life with her.02-11-15_6-31 PMTo be continued…

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