Summers Legacy Update

02-22-15_3-22 PM-2Nate and Keisha wasted no time starting a family after their wedding. Nate having found out that Keisha was closer to becoming an elder than he thought, and knowing that he wanted his children to have their mother around for as long as possible. So without further ado, let me catch you up on the Summers family and what everyone is up to.

02-22-15_5-18 PM

Nate is a level six writer who has written 17 books(makes it look really easy too!). In his spare time when he is not at the office, he spends his time building and upgrading a spaceship in his backyard.

He is also Dad to three beautiful children. (Seriously, they are pretty stunning!)

02-22-15_5-03 PMRaelyn is now an elder, clinging to every last moment of life (seriously…she’s was “dying” all day yesterday). Having retired from her career as a musician she spends her time dancing in the garden dressed in nothing but her swimsuit. When she’s not dancing in the garden she’s either swimming or sleeping. But mostly, she dances.

02-22-15_4-59 PM

It’s all about the painting for this wife and mother. Even though she is an elder now, she won’t retire like her sister in law did. Keisha is determined to keep on going until she simply can’t. Even if she did retire, she would still spend hours at the easel flinging paint at the canvas.

02-21-15_2-53 PM

Alayna is the first child of Nate and Keisha. An adorable child who refused to wear shoes became a stunning teenager who wants to be just like her mother. She is creative and easily inspired. Nate wishes she would just focus on her homework.

02-22-15_7-17 PM

Kinley is not Alayna’s twin, but they are close enough in age that they could be. Kinley hasn’t quit figured out what she will do yet. She has grown out of her rambunctiousness, and seems to like spending time in the kitchen or behind the bar mixing drinks.

02-20-15_9-49 PM

Peyton is the youngest of Nate’s children, and therefore, the chosen one to continue the legacy. Peyton is a child genius, always does his homework, and dreams of being an astronaut like the founder of his family’s legacy.

While his children grow, Nate will continue to write and advance in his career, hoping that he can be a good example to his children. So far, he’s pretty proud of them. He can’t wait to see what they accomplish.

To be continued…

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