My Prompt Box

A while back I used to visit The Daily Post for a daily prompt that I could respond to and write about. Feeling the urge to write just now, I decided to head back over there. Truth be told, I got a little tired of playing the Sims; needed to give that a rest for a bit. I’m sure I’ll get back into the story at some point. It’s just not high on my priority list. Or it wouldn’t be, if I had an actual list, which I don’t.

Anyway, I got to the site and stumbled across a post that pretty much solves the problem of writer’s block. The idea is pretty self explanatory; a box of prompts. It can be whatever you choose to make it with. I decided to use the cookie tin that I’ve had sitting on the top of our entertainment center gathering dust since Christmas.

So check it out! I even decorated the lid. I have pretty much given this tin box it’s calling for the rest of my be my prompt box. Is that as epic as it feels? 20150310_142011There you have it! I’m saying goodbye to writer’s block for good.

If you wish to check out the post I got the idea from, here it is –> The Prompt Box

My thanks to Andrea Badgley for the idea. 🙂

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