Don’t Talk To Me Like That!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Set It To Rights.”

This still image was taken from a video posted on YouTube titled “Domestic Violence Commercial – Verbal Abuse is a Serious Matter…” The video can be viewed at

I’ll be honest, I have a tendency to let it slide when someone talks to me in a certain tone of voice and a certain use of language. It’s happened at work on several occasions. I’ll do something wrong, or forget something, and suddenly find myself on the receiving side of verbal abuse.

Now instead of standing up for myself as I know I should, I tend to shrivel up into myself like a scared little girl. I let it slide, it festers, I’ll tell myself I’m over it because I need to forgive and forget.

While I know it’s important to do that, I have come to realize that verbal abuse, anywhere, is not okay. By not saying anything I am actually being an enabler. I am enabling the power that that person has over me.  I’m enabling them to keep talking down to me, which in the end just makes me miserable. Plus it’s just plain wrong.

So when it happens again, if anyone in the workplace decides that I am stupid and wishes to point it out, they’ve got another thing coming. They’ll find out that I’m not going to take that kind of talk, and neither does the boss. They’ll find out that if it happens again they get written up, and then they’re out the door!

Simple as that. Verbal abuse isn’t okay and I shouldn’t let it slide just because I don’t like conflict. There is never a good excuse to make someone feel like dirt because they haven’t mastered perfection yet.

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