Anne’s Island

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Study Abroad.”


While there was some back and forth in my mind, I have no doubt that if I were asked to study abroad for a year, I would choose PEI. I am a huge fan of L.M Montgomery and her stories of Anne that take place on PEI.

There were many times in my childhood while reading Anne of Green Gables, that I would sit there and daydream and imagine what it would be like if I was one of her friends on the island.

So if I had to go anywhere, it would be PEI. I would live in a little cabin/cottage with a garden outside to enjoy when the weather was warm. Maybe there would be an apple orchard nearby, or maybe the shores of PEI wouldn’t be too far a walk. I would take in all the sights around me, and let those old childhood dreams feel like memories.

Of course on nice days I would take my notebook and pen down to the shore, near a lighthouse, and I would write. Nothing as good as L.M’s Anne, but something worth reading just once..perhaps.



2 thoughts on “Anne’s Island

  1. My daughters adored Anne and her antics, so I took them to PEI and to a tour of Green Gables. Of course, we live in Maine and it’s an easy gaunt for us. You would love it there. PEI landscape reminds me of pictures I’ve seen of Ireland; that is where I would love to go one day.

  2. Coincidentally, I have the poet laureate of PEI staying with me right now. She’s conducting a workshop at the Lake Chapala Writers Conference. I’d like to see PEI as well. Perhaps our paths will cross there. Judy

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