A Journal for This! A Journal for That!


(currently being used…from top to bottom) Poetry notebook, writing ideas/journal, Dream Journal, and prayer journal/church notes

Remember that post I did about all the pens I have collected throughout my life? It’s the same with journals and notebooks.

I decided to have a look and see how many I had actually accumulated since I started writing because I wanted to  at the age of 13.

I know I am missing a few, but I found at least eight that I used for various things throughout the years. Not surprisingly several of them are barely half full. Mostly because I’d come across a journal while I was out that I couldn’t resist. They vary on topics from prayers, Bible study notes, my everyday life, and poetry.

A collage of notebooks from my past.

A collage of notebooks from my past.

I’ll be honest, I don’t see myself getting rid of these, ever. These will grow in numbers and one day be found in a box, covered in dust, buried in the attic of my retirement home. The truth is, the heart and soul of who I am is in those pages.

My children and grandchildren will have a blast reading through my thoughts, and discovering how horrible I am at making choices.They’ll read about my middle school crushes, and high school struggles.

My children and grandchildren will get to see me grow and change as a person. They’ll get to learn from my mistakes hopefully.  All things considered, I am so glad that I have a passion for writing. I hope and pray it never dies.

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