Worth The Rescue

My husband and I had a conversation a little while ago about becoming attached to a pet. My husband said that he didn’t want to watch me grieve after I lost said pet. But the truth is, after seeing all the rescue stories I’ve seen, I would go through the pain of loss over and over if it meant a lifetime of love for a once abandoned dog. I really, truly believe that they are worth the rescue, and worth the second chance at a forever home.

At this point I’ve lost count of the number of rescue stories I’ve watched. It all started with this video that I saw of a dog named Miley. I was so moved by the story of her rescue. I got emotional watching Miley’s update story.

The rescue was done by Eldad Hagar and his organization Hope for Paws. Since watching Miley’s story, I have watched many more rescue stories on YouTube. But because Miley’s was the first I saw, I wanted to share her story with you all.

To those of you reading this, that have adopted a rescue, I love you for it. Whether it’s a cat, dog, horse, or any other creature. I thank you!

What did you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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