Between the Covers

A book is more than paper and words,

so much more my dear.

A moment by the fire on a cold night,

or on your bed near an open window,

when time seems to stand still.

The world around you fades into the background,

as your mind and heart dive into a world dreamt up by another.

Oh the worlds between the covers,

they can feel so real; you can almost feel the sunshine beating down on your neck,

see the children run and hide behind their mother’s skirts as shyness steals their laughter.

And the people, their smiles and warm personalities,

they linger long after the journey is over.

How are they doing now?

You’ll find yourself wondering.

Someone will catch you staring blankly at nothing,

while you’re reliving your favorite moments in your mind,

and this is how you will know.

It was never just a book.

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