Target Audience

I didn’t know this one would be so difficult, but I’ll be honest, I started and restarted this post several times over the past two days. The assignment for day four of Blogging 101 was to consider my audience. I figured, sure that’s easy, I’m writing for umm….who am I writing for?

It’s actually ridiculous how long I had to think about it. It was so easy when I started because at that time, my teacher was my target audience. He was the one grading my blogs. Well, when school ended, I wasn’t concerned about a target audience. I wrote poetry, and whoever came by to read them, they were my audience.

But what about now? Does it make sense that I have more than one target audience? When I write a post that sounds more like a journal entry, those posts are intended for family and friends (and friends to be). For those that enjoy getting a peek into my mind.

When I’m writing Poetry, my target audience is people who read and love poetry. Those who can appreciate the meanings and hidden thoughts in few words.

What about short stories? Short stories are intended and written for those, close to me or not, who are open to a little make belief.

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