It’s a Theme Thing

Day Five: try out at least three other themes — even if you’re happy with the one you first chose. Try one you’re drawn to, and one you would never use.

Try three, okay got it!

The next day: Banging my head on the table. Have you ever gone through how many themes there are on wordpress? So, so many. There are themes for every genre/topic of blogging out there. Sports? yeah there’s themes for that! Food? Yeah that too! Then there’s photo blogging themes, magazine style themes, light, dark, you name it, there’s a theme for that!

I tried about ten themes out on my blog. I wasn’t really that happy with the one I had, so I was pretty okay with this being the last assignment of the week for Blogging 101.

There were several themes that I actually really liked, but one of the first to draw my eye was Adventure Journal. I used this theme years ago just after I started blogging.

I liked this theme because of the desk-ish feel to it. It was as if I had been blogging on scraps of paper on a desk somewhere.

The easiest thing about this task for me was to choose a theme that I would never use. There are a lot of these as well. Seriously, if the face of the blog looks like it’s supposed to be a sear engine site, I’m not using it. That’s just too bland and boring. Case in point Sandbox 1.6.2 Maybe, just maybe, if you played around with that one long enough, you could get it to look good. I just wouldn’t bother with it.

The theme that I ended up with was the one that you see. I chose Hemingway Rewritten because even though it is simplistic, it’s not boring. There are many options as what can be done with this theme. This is also one that I have used in the past for a good while.

While there as so many more I could talk about, these are the three that I wanted to share with you.

Until next time,


7 thoughts on “It’s a Theme Thing

  1. I too am doing the blogging 101 on my other blog…cravethecookbook. I must have changed the theme 5 times already…it is so hard to decide. I had the Hemingway for this blog at first but since I put so many photos, I changed it but it definitely will work well for writing. Looks great!

  2. I can relate to this. I tried numerous themes and some would not work. I finally selected the Choco theme, because you can modify it. I like your theme and I almost selected it.

  3. Thanks for the well written post. I was bewildered by the choice of themes. Some looked great until I previewed them and then looked incredibly dull and difficult to personalise. I tried six or seven in a couple of days! I am now trying out Hemingway Rewritten and think it might be ‘the one’ – for a while at least! Meryl

  4. I can so much identify with this! although you have much more experience than me. I have enough trouble trying to use the theme I currently have- I think I need more computer and wordpress savvy before I start to change anything. I became so confused with the amount of choice when I tried this assignment that I gave up. Couldn’t tell, too many…?!?

    I love your tagline!

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