Being a Good Neighbour

“A good neighbor is a priceless treasure.” ~ Unknown

Neighbors are a wonderful thing, and will always be a part of your life. I have some wonderful memories that involve neighbours. When I was in elementary school, living on Broadway, we had the Kruizinga family, the Weaver’s, and several elderly ladies on the street that we would visit. Part of my 9th birthday party was in the Kruizinga’s backyard; we were playing hide and seek. Then there was that time in the third grade that I forgot my backpack in the Weaver’s mailbox.

The years have passed and the list of neighbors has grown, along with the stories, and memories. Now as I take this Blogging 101 course, my blogging neighbors and friends are growing as well. Today’s assignment is to leave “positive” comments on at least four blogs that I have never commented on before. Well, that doesn’t seem to hard, not when I consider all the other people taking the course with me.

Michelle W, our instructor, suggested sharing which blogs we went to visit and comment on. Also, since she stated that we bookmark those blogs, I can just come back to this post next week when the second part of the commenting homework comes up. So here are the four that I went to visit:

Journey to Whole Health ~ I found that Karen and I have more in common that coffee, chocolate, books, and Jesus in common. She has the same theme I do! Well, there’s probably hundreds of bloggers who use the same one, but I felt like I’d found a long lost friend. She even led me to some cool new music to listen to. Thanks Karen!

 Chalese Nicole ~ I have found another sister! I found her post under the #Bible tag in my reader. Her latest post about helping others and ultimately touching Jesus really spoke to me. I couldn’t read her post and not comment on it.

Life of a City PR Girl ~ Using another tag that I follow, #Hamont, I saw the name of a familiar coffee shop. One that as described in Raphaela’s post, is a hidden gem in the west end of Hamilton. She brought back some wonderful memories.

Buzzing About Books ~ Using the #LoveInspired tag, I found a great review on one of the books I read a little while ago. I am a huge fan of Margaret Daley, it was nice to see someone else’s thoughts on the book. I’ll be going back to see more reviews in the future.

There you have it. These are the gems I found in the blogging community.

In His love,


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