The Ghost Who Guards The Banquet Hall

wpid-20150722_220544.jpgHours have passed but the memory is fresh in my mind and in the tingles up and down my spine. It was a moment I will never forget because it was one that solidified the idea of the unseen.

Yes I know, I’ve believed in God for years. I have never doubted the spiritual things/beings that the Bible talks about. What I wasn’t sure about was ghosts. Technically I’m still not sure about them, but I am certainly more than open to the idea. Let me tell you why, because I can’t go to sleep until I do.

It was after work, I’d gotten off a crowded bus and decided to walk for a bit. It wasn’t hot, or cold, just a slight breeze which was wonderful. I passed my old street and as I got closer to downtown, I caught sight of a banquet hall that I had never really paid attention to before. I’d walked by plenty of times, but never at such a dark hour when the inside was lit up.

wpid-20150722_220339.jpgI saw this beautiful room, a little eerie, but the stone fountain and the stairway had me intrigued. It looked stunning and historic. I had to pull out my phone and take a picture.

The moment after I took the picture I was startled by what felt like someone blowing on the back of my neck. I put my hand on my neck and whirled around to find the sidewalk empty. There wasn’t anybody there. Or was there?

wpid-20150722_220434.jpgMaybe it was the breeze. I did say there was one, right? But I’m convinced it wasn’t. Only because the archway that I stood under sheltered my from the breeze on the sidewalk. I’ll tell you, I backed up so fast. As if I thought that out from under the arch I was safe.

As I continued on my way, trying to catch my breath and calm my racing heart, I caught one last glimpse of the statue in the window. With my imagination running wild I wondered if she knew something I didn’t.

In His love..and protection,


4 thoughts on “The Ghost Who Guards The Banquet Hall

  1. My dad says that when you talk to people, they’ll all say they don’t believe in ghosts. But on the flip slide, everyone has a ghost story they’ll tell you.

    We’ve had weeeereird happenings in the house I grew up in, for sure!

    • I bet you’ve got some neat stories. Even though I’ve heard about places being haunted before, like the armories that my brother in law works at, I’ve always been skeptical. Not anymore. ..

      • I think we’re all skeptical by nature. But we all also love a good ghost story.

        Funny aside: for years we’d dubbed all the odd occurrences at my house “Hector.” No idea why, but we all joked about Hector being the cause when one of those oddities occurred.

        Then one day my mom could have sworn she caught a glimpse of a GIRL…in full Victorian dress. It was only a moment, but it weirded her out. And we wondered if Hector might not be the right name!

      • Oh wow! That must have been something else! I agree with the name…Although…maybe it’s Hector ‘ s fault she’s still there. Strange. Imagine finding out that she the first owner of the house.

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