The Weekly Feature Challenge

Blogging 101 is over, yet here I am, still working on the last assignment which was to create a weekly feature for my blog. I know this is something that my blog could benefit from. Otherwise why would it be included in a course that is teaching the foundations of blogging? Also, it’s a no brainer. consistent content will bring more traffic to any blog, not just mine.

wpid-20150727_184758.pngWhen I wasn’t sure which day I wanted to do my weekly feature on I headed over to my stats and had a look at what my best day is. I’m not particularly sure why, but it happened to be Monday, at 3:00pm. The rest of the stats only confirmed my need for a weekly feature. I mean seriously, my best views ever was 124 in one day, and that was nearly two years ago. I’m a little embarrassed actually.

Another embarrassing fact is that through the seven years that I’ve had this blog, I have less than one year’s worth of blog posts. That’s one thing I know I can change with the weekly feature.

What will my weekly feature be?

I was clueless at first. In fact, I was so clueless that it has taken me since Friday night to figure it out. I decided to look around the blogosphere a bit to see what types of other weekly features are happening. I grabbed my notepad and began jotting down ideas for what I could do.

wpid-20150727_211342.pngSuddenly it was like everything fell into place. Not only did I have an idea for something I could do on Mondays, I had ideas for a different feature for each day of the week.

Would I be overwhelming myself with a feature for each day? I’m not sure, but I may give it a whirl and see which features do the best. The ones that don’t do well I won’t continue, those that do, I will. Sounds rather simple, doesn’t it?

Overview of my seven weekly feature (ideas):

  1. Inspirational Story Sunday (formerly Scripture Sunday) 
    • could be a fictional story that was inspired by a Bible verse
    • maybe an actual story from the Bible that is near and dear to me
    • maybe an inspiring story that I came across during the past week
    • because Sunday is God’s day, here’s why I believe if you’re curious.
  2. Memory Monday
    • one of my memories takes spotlight
    • maybe I saw something over the past week that reminded me of something from my past.
  3. Poetic Tuesday
    • a new poem
    • or a poem that seems forgotten in the archives of my blog
    • or poems like The Hands of Jesus that still get views regardless of how old it is.
  4. Wordless Wednesday
    • A chance to showcase one or some of my favorite photos taken during the past week
    • perhaps a picture I saw online that spoke to me
    • or showcasing an old favorite of mine, like these ones.
  5. Thankful Thursday
    • being thankful about something I have, or something someone did.
  6. Fit Friday(Monthly)
    • on the last Friday of each month I share my progress
    • what am I struggling with in my journey?
    • What is going well in my journey?
    • What’s different?
    • maybe a picture to show progress,
  7. Sim Saturday
    • showcasing screenshots, pictures, and stories from my Sims 4 gameplay
    • I have no shame about this, I am a simmer after all.

Which features are you looking forward to? What features do you have on your blog? Leave me a comment if you’re so inclined.

In His love,


10 thoughts on “The Weekly Feature Challenge

  1. Hi Margaret, loved your list idea. It made me re-think how I approach my own blog – what I want from it, what it’s really for etc. I’ve finally committed myself to three blogs a week – not sure I could manage seven 😏 I’ve marked them up in my diary as Monday Musings, Wednesday Writings and Thursday Thoughts (this last could end up as Friday Feelings – not sure yet).
    I need my diary – I’m list obsessive so, if something’s marked on my list, it will get done 😀
    Good luck and I look forward to reading some of your poetry.

    • I’m glad that I could inspire you Ruth. I’m the same when it comes to lists, I need lists for everything. I have enough notepads and notebooks to last me a while. Good luck in your new found journey. 🙂

  2. Love your features! Was thinking about Wordless Wednesday myself or Silent Sundays…can’t decide. And you are a Simmer…love Sims! Definitely will be sticking around to see what where your blog goes 😉

  3. I like your idea of memory mondays (sharing a memory with your readers – whether or not it got triggered by something special) and of Sunday fiction – again, the inspiration can be religious or otherwise (Perhaps a Fictional Friday?)

    I think you are exceptionally creative to have come up with all those ideas!

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