Thankful Always

When I get off this bus that I am blogging from, I will say “Thank You,  not because I always do, but because I mean it. I am thankful that my bus driver waits just a moment longer when I come running around the corner.

Last night as I was thinking about the things I am thankful for, I wrote a list. I am thankful for lists, they help me organize my thoughts before I put them  into action. They make life easier for me at home and at work.

That brings me to the next thing I am thankful for. Employment! I know there are days that I grumble to myself about how I’d rather be at home reading, but I need my job and I’m extremely grateful to have it.

The last thing I’ll mention today is you, my readers and fellow bloggers. Without you, this would just be another journal. You give me a sense of community that I   thrive on.

Until next time,
I thank you,

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