Sim Saturday

08-01-15_1-39 PMShe’s breathing in, and she’s breathing out. Meet my Sim girl, Holly Jones. Holly is a young adult who has just moved into Newcrest (she’s heard rumour that the name of her town is up for debate), so far, other than the contractor who is building her house, she hasn’t met any other Sim-persons. Not surprising since everyone she sees just jogs on by and ignores her.

For the moment, Holly is happy. She is calm and enjoying her world, although she can’t wait to explore the rest of her neighbourhood. She probably won’t get a chance to do that for a while yet as her house isn’t finished yet. It’s just a two story shell surrounded by a glorious outdoors.

08-01-15_1-55 PM

Hopefully with the budget her mother kindly sent along with her will be enough for the contractor to be able to finish the house. Holly is stoked about her future and the people she will meet along the way.

Tune in next week to see how Holly decided to decorate the interior of her home.

Signing out,


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