Looking For My Creative Spark

Have you seen it? I can’t seem to find it.

Every day I feel this urge to write, to create a world of wonder and lovely thoughts for readers to enjoy. But every day it’s like I approach that door in my mind, the one that seems to stand in the middle of nowhere, you’ve probably seen one like it in the movies. I open that door with great expectation, only to find a concrete wall or pitch black nothingness.

How can I be a writer if the words won’t come? How can I tell stories if I don’t know where to start?  How an I fill the empty spaces with words, when I’m not sure what to say or doubt the worth of my thoughts?

I struggle with depressing thoughts when I look at how very little I have accomplished where my dreams are concerned. I have been writing for nearly ten years. I should have a book published by now. I used to walk through the library during high school imagining the books I’d written being on those shelves.

I know it can still happen, I am still young. I don’t doubt that writing is God’s calling for my life. How could it not be? The only problem is knowing where to go from there when even my spark of creativity seems to have bailed out on me.

I’ll find it somewhere, I promise. Perhaps it will come back to me while I sleep.

❤ Margaret

7 thoughts on “Looking For My Creative Spark

  1. If you find it, let me know where–I think mine might be hanging with yours. They’re probably having a high old time, eating popcorn and laughing at us poor stuck writers.

    In all seriousness, it’s frustrating. It doesn’t always help, but a tip I ran across once was to write gibberish when you’re blocked. Random words strung together that don’t have to make sense. And sometimes that pile of insanity gets the juices flowing again. Good luck!!

  2. I’ve been reading many helpful blogs and books on the subject of writer’s block and tools to help you overcome it. One such tool is mind-mapping, but you do still have to have a title or a subject in mind. How about I turn you on to some of the fantastic resources I’ve been using? Chandler Bolt has some excellent ideas in his free e-book called Book Launch, but you’ll have to check out a few of his video trainings first, also, Be A Freelance Blogger has so many useful tips and tricks and right now they are holding Pitchfest and you could win $100! I hope these ideas help you out as much as they have helped me!

  3. Lovely post. I really wish you someday you will be a published writer.
    I think it’s important to write, doesn’t matter whether from start or end. Only after you write, words begins to take shape and imaginations flow…

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