NaNoWriMo is Approaching

imagesI felt an irresistible urge to write today while I was at work. I pulled my notebook and pen out of my purse and set it next to my water bottle on the bar. Now since I wasn’t being paid to write, I didn’t, but having the notebook there, ready, got the ideas flowing.

I happened to be grinding the pepper mill over a woman’s warm goat cheese salad when it occurred to me that next month is November. That means it is once again time for National Novel Writing Month. I have personally never taken part in it before but have always thought about it.

I’m not entirely sure how other writers go about preparing for this, but I’ve got a story forming in my mind, and characters coming into view. I’ve got a couple weeks to prepare for this challenge that lies ahead, and boy, am I excited!

Have you taken part in NaNoWriMo before? How did it go?


7 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo is Approaching

  1. I’ve done NaNo several times, and it’s a great event. The community and support is amazing, and if you approach it the right way–looking for a draft to work with, not an end result–getting the words on paper doesn’t have to be as worrisome, time-consuming, or difficult as some people make it. Good luck with your first NaNo!

    (Btw, your header image is brilliant!)

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