Let The Brain Storms Rage

A sip of English Breakfast tea and a sigh of happiness. I listen to my husband breath deeply in his sleep while the rest of the world outside is waking up. The sky is beginning to brighten from the morning sun, although I see no sunshine just yet. The clouds remind me of waves washing up on the shore of a beach.

Beside me, my blue notebook waits. The past two nights I’ve filled some pages with ideas for my NaNoWriMo project. I am thrilled at how quickly the ideas have come. How thoughts have poured out of my pen onto the page. For years, I’ve been wanting to partake in the craze that is National Novel writing month, but every time I would think of it too late. Not this time!

This time around, I will be ready. I know there is still a lot I have to do to prepare, but I’m going to be honest with you; I’m not all that sure what that all entails. I know I’ve got to figure out the plot, setting, and the title for one. What I do have is my characters. I have names and backstories.

So, to help myself to continue this journey I’m going to be digging out some books. There is no way I’m going through this blindly. Why did I say “digging” out some books? My desk is a mess, that’s why. I know… shame on me, I nag my husband to clean up after himself and my desk is a mess.

Anywho, while I make myself another cup of tea and clean up my desk, I wish all of you lovely people a lovely day.

If you have taken part in NaNoWriMo before, let me know how you did it. How did you prepare?

~Margaret Langridge

One thought on “Let The Brain Storms Rage

  1. I’ve participated in NaNo two years–one year successfully (I didn’t quite make the goal the first year).

    One of the biggest things that helped me last year (when I actually exceeded the 50,000 word goal) was to be able to write from anywhere. I stored my work in Google Docs. And since the app for mobiles allows you to choose to save a particular doc on your device, I did that. I don’t have any data plan, so I’m dependent on wi-fi for most apps. But with the doc stored on my device, I could update my work anywhere, even with no connection. It would sync when I was connected again. I love that feature.

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