Writing In The Hall

The poor guy! I can’t count the number of times that I have blamed my husband for my lack of ability to concentrate. But the moments happen more than I want to admit, I’ll get frustrated with my writing and get antsy with him for not turning the volume down on whatever he happens to be doing beside me, whether he’s watching a video or playing a game.

I was having one of those moments yesterday. He wasn’t really the problem at all, though. I was getting sleepy at my desk but didn’t want to stop working, but being irritable I nagged him to turn it down. I was writing with some 10 Minute Novelists and didn’t want to leave them hanging, but I had to do something. I told them I’d be back after I did the dishes or went for a short walk.

12144180_377391362431577_165656664_nI just needed to stimulate my mind. I’d been sitting there listening to classical music while a Lavender Camomile candle burned beside me (guys it’s the perfect recipe for dozing off). So, up I got and did the dishes, but it wasn’t enough. Sure, my novel was all that had been on my mind all day. Pardon me. All week!

I decided to step outside, completely intending to have a run, up and down the stairs in my building. But when I stepped out my door, the open door of the apartment door across the hall seemed to suck me in. Since nobody lives in it, I went in and had a good peek. I couldn’t help wondering why there were three stoves. Cupboards were missing handles and the cover of the heater along the wall was ripped off, but the view was pleasant.

Once my conscience got to me I stepped back into the hall. I saw the outlet beside my door and had an “Aha!” moment. I went back into my apartment, collected my laptop, a box of Triscuits, and my water bottle. Then headed back into the hall and made myself comfortable right there on the floor.

12139623_1066316063387603_253649530_nI didn’t have to wear my headphones to block out the sound of video games. Out there, I heard the muffled noises of voices carrying from different floors, mingled with music and the banging noises of the elevator as it stopped on different floors. It was wonderful. I had a wonderfully productive hour out there. I finished fleshing out more characters for my November novel, and if it hadn’t been for my sleeping foot and my full bladder, I might have kept going.

I hope tings are going well on your journey! Whatever you may be working on. 🙂

~ Margaret

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