Let The Craziness Begin

It’s here! The day I dive into the sweet literary abandon that will be a very crappy first draft. After all, National Novel Writing Month is not about quality, but rather, quantity. It’s all about getting those 50k words by the end of the month.

Can I tell you something? I haven’t even started and I’m already doubting myself. Yeah! After two weeks of planning and resisting the urge to write, I’m sitting here feeling nervous. I have to remind myself that this is who I was always meant to be. This is my calling. I believe it with all my heart. Maybe I’m afraid I’ll fail.

Okay…deep breath…. I can do this! I give myself permission to write a crappy first draft because most of them are! I give myself permission to feel doubt because everyone does. I give my characters permission to come alive before my very eyes, and I promise I’ll get out of the way.

I know I have a community of writers around me whom I can go to for encouragement and advice. I can do this. Maybe this month won’t go as I plan, but I have a feeling this month will change me as a writer. I know it!

So here I go!

To all my fellow WriMo’s, I wish you the best of luck! We can do this!

3 thoughts on “Let The Craziness Begin

  1. Hemingway says ALL first drafts are crap (okay, so he used a stronger word. You get the drift). And another author (Nora Roberts? Nora Ephron? Pretty sure it was a Nora) said you can edit a bad page later. You can’t edit a blank page.

    Getting started really is the hardest part. Once you get in a groove, it just kind of flows. I actually overshot 50K last year and wrote way more.

    Good luck!!!!!

  2. A thing to keep reminding yourself is: “Nothing matters with the first draft but to finish it.”
    If a bit doesn’t seem to be working, just write in capital letters, Come back to this later, and move on. You’re allowed to leave notes to yourself in a draft. Good luck.

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