NaNoWriMo 2015 Progress Report

My eyelids are becoming increasingly heavy and my back is not happy with the chair I’m in, but I digress, I have a progress report to give. I probably won’t do one too often, but I felt it necessary to inform you on how my first two days of NaNoWriMo went.

On day one, Sunday, November first, I wrote about five hundred words before heading off to the first official write-in of the month. I took a city bus that I’d never been on to a part of my city that I sometimes forget exists.

wpid-20151101_132200.jpgSince I was early I took some time to take in the sights around me. I stood on the pier by William’s and let the wind blow my hair around as I watched boats race across the waters of the Hamilton Harbour. It was a beautiful and inspiring moment.

wpid-20151101_131836.jpgIn William’s I ordered myself a chai Latte and a salad that was way bigger than I imagined it would be. It was pretty good tasting, though. By the time my Latte and salad arrived, our group had expanded to fourteen people. All of us ranging in age and gender, all madly typing away at our laptops, working on our nano projects. We ended up pushing tables together so we could all sit together. There were plenty of chatty moments of distraction as well as encouragement. I made the hefty goal of finishing my first chapter. Ha! I did that long after I got home.

By the end of the night, last night, I logged in just over the target word count. I was pretty proud of myself.

wpid-20151026_175032.jpgToday was even better. Since I had the day off, I began writing at noon and just kept going for as long as the words were willing to flow. By the time, I was getting ready to go to the Brown Dog Cafe for tonight’s write in, I was about a hundred words away from the daily word count target. I felt pretty confident that today would yield more words than yesterday did.

I was not wrong. I had a very productive day as far as writing is concerned. I know there’s a voice in my head whispering; you’re going to end up cutting half of this out because it’s junk! That’s when another voice shouts; who cares, let it be crap! Every word counts! It’s a first draft, it’s not supposed to be perfect!

Thus, my inner editor creeps back into the box I stuffed her in. So I write on, knowing that some of the words are not necessary, but editing will come later. I just need to keep writing, no matter how lame or genius my words are, they count!

wpid-20151102_234926-01.jpegEvery time I take a break in between word sprints, I go back to my nanowrimo account and update my word count. I just love seeing the stats change, and the numbers going up. I promised myself, as I walked home that I would write just five hundred words more so that I could reach a total of five thousand. I went a little over. I’ll say I’m pretty happy with my progress so far.

I just hope that despite my full-time hours at Cafe Limoncello I’m still able to make some sort of progress every day.

If you’re taking part, how are things going for you?

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2015 Progress Report

  1. The write-ins sound like so much fun! There aren’t any in my town, so I’ve missed out on that part of it each year.

    Glad it’s going well for you. 🙂 “Just keep swimming!”

    • Thanks. The write-ins are a lot of fun. I’m in a Facebook group called the 10 Minute novelists and the hold a couple virtual write-ins. I like to attend those too. Maybe there’s a virtual write-in that you can join. Twitter has them too!

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