Off To A Slow Start

After I posted my last post, several of you got behind me and wished me well in my new endeavor. I want you to know I appreciate the support and encouragement.

In the past week, I have had two great portfolio building sessions, I’ve created the blog (check it out!) and the facebook page. I have invested in my own logo, which you’ll see on the blog.

In the next couple weeks, I’ll be getting my hands on my own business cards, which should help pick up business.

Speaking of business, I have an unopened bottle of wine from Christmas that is waiting to help me celebrate my first paid client. So far I’ve been doing everything for free to build my portfolio, but it wouldn’t be much of a success, it wouldn’t be worth dropping my day job for if I didn’t make money off if it.

I know I’ve still got a lot of learning to do, thanks to Cole’s Classroom, that won’t be too hard to do.  However, if you want to pop by my photography blog, and give it a follow, or even give me some feedback on what kind of information is missing, or what you’d like to see, I’m more than open to input.

Thanks for stopping by,

Margaret.facebook cover

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