Peace Beneath The Willow Tree

Where do you feel nearest to God? I’ve always answered this question with, “Somewhere in nature”. Yesterday I was reminded that I can get a little more specific than that.

I went for an early morning walk and sat at the park near my apartment. It had been my intention to reflect over the book I’d just finished reading, but just before I’d walked out the door I’d been sure to tuck my Bible in next to my journal, in my purse.

DSCN0389The book was momentarily forgotten as sat in the shade of a tree I can’t remember the name of. The entire time, my eyes were drawn to the weeping willow that sits in the corner of the park. Normally Willow’s are planted by water, but this one stands in the middle of the city with the City hall parking lot on the other side of the fence.

Of course I got closer. I stood beneath the Weeping Willow and felt as though I had stepped into the embrace of God himself. My worries slipped away momentarily as the breeze moved the branches around me. I let my heart believe that God was caressing my face, telling me everything would be okay. I could have been a tree hugger in that moment but I didn’t think of it. I simply enjoyed being there, beneath the willow.

I would have stayed there too, if there had been a picnic table beneath it. There used to be, but it was moved to stand right on the edge of the park. So I went back to picnic table beneath a different tree and contemplated the peace pole that stands in the center of the park. DSCN0399I think it’s a wonderful reminder for those who stop to pause their busy lives to just take a moment to breath, and to just be. When I saw this post I was instantly reminded of John 14:27. Although I couldn’t remember where it was at the moment, I just looked up the word peace, in the back of my Bible and found what I was looking for.

DSCN0400I’ll be honest, as the rest of the day went on, I needed to keep that reminder with me, and I was so happy I’d taken the time to go sit in the park. It was time well spent. I can reflect over the book I finished reading yesterday while I have my breakfast. I’m sure you don’t mind waiting. 🙂

In the mean time, if you’re an avid reader like me, and you know of any good book blogs I can check out, would you share it with me in the comments? Much thanks.

Your friend,


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