The Amish Midwife’s Courtship ~ Review

Author: Cheryl Williford

Published: May 24, 2016

27408663Wellcome to my first book review since who knows when. I don’t recall ever doing one on the blog before, so this is new and exciting. Here goes; I’ll star with my rating, out of five. Then I’ll tell you what the book is about, what I liked/didn’t like about it, the message I took from it, and whether or not I’d recommend it.

Rating: 4.5

What’s it about? Molly is 21 years old, a spinster by Amish standards. Molly is a successful midwife who lives with her mother, Ulla. Ulla is determined to push Molly into a marriage for the sake of financial gain.

Molly won’t have it. She decides to put her foot down and asks, Isaac, a young business man who is still practically a stranger, living in her mother’s boarding house, if he will pretend to court her so that dear old Ulla will stop trying to force Molly into a loveless marriage.

Of course, the plan backfires on them. Neither Isaac or Molly realized that their ruse would become something very real.

What I liked/didn’t like: Honestly, there wasn’t anything about this book that I didn’t like. The pace of the story didn’t slow down in some parts, like many books do. The plot kept right on moving and was easy to follow. Seriously, if I’d had the time, I would have read it in one sitting.

I love that Cheryl incorporated the Amish language, known as Pensylvania Dutch, low German or Deitch into the story. That’s the language I grew up with once upon a time when I was Mennonite. I find that because of my roots as a Mennonite, I am fascinated by stories of the Amish. They are similar and yet different.

What lesson did I take from this story? Molly and Isaac’s story reminded me to stop trying so hard to control everything in this journey we call life. I was reminded that sometimes God’s plan for our lives might involve something entirely different than we had in mind. I also took from this a reminder to stop letting past mistakes get in the way of future happiness.

Would I recommend it? Yes, go to the library and borrow this book. Or buy it.

Would I read it again? Yes.



What am I reading next? Amish Redemption by Patricia Davids

What did you think of the review? What could I add to my next one to make it better? Are you more likely to read this book after my review? Tell me in the comments.

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