While The Breeze Blows In

While the breeze blows in,

sending a chill through my room;

A tall mug of cinnamon apple spiced tea

warms me from the inside.

While the curtain sways silently,

providing further proof of the breeze;

My thoughts cause a ruckus within,

fighting to be heard.

I think about the day full of rain,

how it made for a pleasantly slow day;

Leaving behind the lingering earthy smell,

that wraps itself around me in silence.

I think of my precious mother,

and the guilt I feel for not visiting her more;

It would only take me an hour and a half to walk,

how hard could it be?

I think of my husband at work,

most likely wishing he were home with me;

Not that I could blame him,

after-all, I am rather pleasant company.

I think about God,

and how much He has blessed me;

despite my mistakes and blunders,

I am blessed beyond comprehension.


What did you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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