Craving the Light

This Christmas I took a poinsettia home. My boss at work was gracious to allow me to take one of the plants she had on display at the restaurant. I was thrilled to have my first house plant that I could take care of and admire.

I did research on how often it was supposed to be watered and found out that it doesn’t like sitting in excess water. Proudly, I placed it on the center of the kitchen table.

In the following days and weeks, I watered her every two days, or three if the dirt was still moist. But something began to happen despite my attention and care. The leaves began to fall off. I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I knew it was getting enough water because I saw that the plant had little sprouts coming out all over it.

More time passed and now my poinsettia is nearly bare of the beauty it had when I brought it home. Today as I watered it and cleared away more fallen leaves I understood what was happening. My kitchen has no windows. For the majority of the day, my poinsettia has been sitting in complete darkness.

16326241_10154107075120718_630827396_oIt craves the light, like a soul that yearns for the Light of the world, my plant was missing a key component that helps it grow. So after thinking a moment, I found it a new place to sit. In the laundry room. Here, there is natural light. Perhaps being exposed to the light, my poinsettia can finally flourish again.

I took some pictures so that I could look back and see the changes that the light will make. As I did so, I thought about how I too crave more light. I too have sat in darkness and let myself wither away to near desperation. I wonder, will the changes in me be visible with more exposure to the Light? I think so!

“The Lord is my light and my salvation”

~ Psalm 27:1

What did you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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