The Dreams of A Pregnant Woman

I love a good story! This is probably why I don’t mind having dreams. In the past three months, I have had no shortage of dreams. They don’t always stick with me, but sometimes I wake up and I just can’t wait to tell my husband all about it!

sleeping-pregnant-woman-27341553They say that one of the symptoms of pregnancy is vivid dreams. I don’t know who “they” are, but I read it somewhere, and for me, this has been true.

In the first baby dream that I had, I was trying to take photos of my little baby. In this dream, it appeared genderless, although it was completely naked. I was putting the baby in the strangest places for a good photo. Like, on the window sill, a bookshelf, and other weird places. But I could never get that perfect picture because the baby just kept pooping everywhere.

I woke up from that one wondering, why didn’t I just put a diaper on the poor thing?

In another dream, also about the baby, I dreamt that it was a boy. I was standing outside on the front porch of my old house holding the baby in the crook of my arm. He was the smallest, wrinkliest thing I had ever seen. People would walk by and ask me his name and I would just stand there without a clue. I would cry “I don’t know” to everyone that asked.

That was strange to me because my husband and I have already picked out names for each gender, although we don’t yet know what we are having.

Oddly enough, in each dream that I have which involves a child which I assume to be mine, it’s always a boy, and in each dream, he is older than in the last.

Sometimes, the dreams that I have are completely out of my world. There was a dream where I found an actual trail called the underground railway. I came upon it after fleeing a city that was crumbling upon itself. I went to turn away from the trail after catching sight of an eery looking cemetery to the right of the trail and was promptly chased by a cheetah. I woke up when he came to stand in front of me, blocking my exit.

Last night’s dream might be the weirdest of all. It was about fish, well one bad fish that, as it swam up the stream, any fish that it came into contact with would be belly up and dead in an instant. Soon the bad fish, which looked swollen and sad, was the only one still living.

I can’t stand the smell of seafood right now, why in the world am I dreaming about patient zero of the fish demise. I really don’t know, but it was interesting all the same.

It’s like every night, I go to bed, and there’s an adventure waiting for me. I love it! What will I dream about next? Perhaps, I should start keeping some type of pregnancy dream journal. That would be something to look back on, wouldn’t it?

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had that you can remember? Feel free to share in the comments!


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