A Forgotten Poem

A moment ago I pulled my poetry notebook off my shelf. It’s the one I started back in 2009, my third notebook used just for my poetry. I flipped through it, curious to see how much of the notebook was filled. About a quarter of the way in I found it, the last poem I wrote.

Dated December 11, 2015. I can hardly believe it’s been that long, but it has. I read the poem I wrote that day and felt all the emotion that I wrote it with. I checked my blog archives and realized that I’ve never shared the poem with anyone but those who read it the night I wrote it.

So here it is, a forgotten poem!

A Dark Night

A black cat sits in her window,

watching those who passed by

her small run down house.

Her yard is always empty,

the neighborhood children circle around it,

in terror. Her doorbell,

rusted from lack of use.

When the wind blows,

the creaking of her front gate

is heard down the street.

But she doesn’t hear it.

She sits forgotten

in the darkness of her eternal silence.

The smiles of her children

a distant memory.

~Margaret W. Langridge

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