Wasted Wishes ~ A Short Story

“Robin? Robin, where are you?” Blake tried to shout, but his voice was nothing more than a hoarse whisper.

His eyes burned as he scanned what was left of the house after the explosion. He had no idea how it had happened or how he was still alive, but he was and now he had to find Robin.

Blake cleared his throat, trying to get rid of the smoke that still hung in the air. Trying to get rid of ache Continue reading

What If?

I sat in the mall food court with my soaking wet umbrella leaning against the table. I reached to take the lid off my small double-double and felt the tape rip at the skin at my inner elbow.  I smelled the coffee, relieved to be done and over with the blood test I’d just come from.

I took my time with the steak and cheese panini I’d grabbed from Tim Horton’s and let my coffee Continue reading

The Dreams of A Pregnant Woman

I love a good story! This is probably why I don’t mind having dreams. In the past three months, I have had no shortage of dreams. They don’t always stick with me, but sometimes I wake up and I just can’t wait to tell my husband all about it!

sleeping-pregnant-woman-27341553They say that one of the symptoms of pregnancy is vivid dreams. I don’t know who “they” are, but I read it somewhere, and for me, this has been true.

In the first baby dream that I had, Continue reading