angel_left_md_blk.gifHolidays in Mexico are very different from what they are in other parts of the world. Instead of presents stacked beneath a Christmas tree and fancy lights all over the place, our family went about things differently. Every Christmas morning I would wake up to find the supper table filled with goodies and gifts. Each person would find his or her gifts on their own place setting at the table. Usually gifts consisted of a bowl of peanuts, candies, and other such goodies, as well as a pile of cloths and toys beside it.I remember Christmas of 1995. I woke up to find my bowl of goodies as usual, but this time I found something I had never had before: a brand new ball. I loved the way it sounded when I bounced it. Every Christmas prior to that, I had received a new dress, a new pair of shoes, or a doll.For me, as a child, Easter was always something special to look forward to. Easter was always spent on my grandparent’s farm. The day would start with play. My cousins and I would play all sorts of games. If we were allowed to, we played hide-and-seek in the cornfield. If we were not allowed to, we would play other games around the house.

For lunch my Grandmother, who is my biological father’s mother, made chicken noodle soup; the best I have ever had. It was always custom to let the children eat first, I remember the big oak table we all sat around, Grandma would always have us all sit in order from oldest to youngest.

After lunch we were given a basket of Easter goodies, this usually had us kids bouncing all over the place until we were either too tired to go on, someone got hurt or it was time to go home. Most of the time it was because someone got hurt while doing something we weren’t supposed to be doing, that earned everyone involved a time out or an appointment with Dad’s belt.

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