hamiltonontarioskylinec.jpg  It was February 15th 1997 when we arrived in Hamilton Ontario Canada. It was a cold snowy night and my sister and I were exuasted from the long trip, all we wanted to do was go to sleep.

When we pulled into the driveway of our family’s home my sister and I were both scared and excited to meet the rest of our family. One that we had never known.

My sister and I were escorted into the house and were greeted by our aunt, my mother’s sister Elizabeth, who had been taking care of the family in the absence of my parents. Then it was time to meet the rest of the family. Some welcomed us with warm hugs and smiles but others were more hesitent, the younger ones especially.

The first night was a blur of activities as it was time to figure out where my sister and I would sleep. It was decided that we would share the bunk bed with our older sisters. I slept on the top bunk with my sister Lisa, whom I absolutely adored the moment I laid eyes on her. My sister Lena slept on the bottum bunk with Susie and Sara, they were squished but they managed to get along.

The next couple weeks were full of surprises for my sister and I. The first one was church. On that first Sunday in Canada, my sister and I climed into the van with the rest of the family and off we went. Of course everyone at church had been waiting to meet my sister and I, since it was the pastor himself that had brought us to Canada. We were introduced to a new routine of going to sunday school and learning high German.

The second surprise was more of a culture shock. School. Although I had attended school for three years in Mexico I had to start from scratch. I was placed in an E.S.L class with my sister, and there we began learning yet another language. Learning English was not that hard after all, we had our siblings at home who would teach, and test us day in and day out.

Soon both my sister and I were settled into our new life, but one thing remained. We missed our former lives very much.

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