Nose-bleeds and Barbies

barbie.jpg It was on this journey to Canada that my younger sister and I really bonded with each-other. We would spend hours upon hours together. Not that we had any choice in the matter seeing as how we were confined to the tight space in the mini van for several days. At night we would sleep on the same seat trying desperately not to get kicked in the nose by the others heel but it was inevitable, the best we could do was turn our backs to each-other. During the day we would sit side by side pointing out the animals we saw by the side of the road, or we would play with our barbies to the point of exhaustion.

Through out the trip my sister and I learned many things about each-other. We were constantly telling each-other stories of our lives before, when we had thought we were someone else. I learned that she loved to draw, she learned that I loved to make up stories, and we learned that we both enjoyed a good joke every now and then.

After several days of traveling my sister and I began to take on our roles as sisters. At night when I woke up crying with a nose-bleed she would be there to comfort me. When she felt alone or bored I was there for her, someone to play barbies with. We were literally inseparable.

One night, a couple days before arriving in Canada, we had the privilege of staying in a lovely motel. When we walked in, my sister and I were amazed at the fluffy white pillows on the bed. We were fascinated by the running water in the bathroom, such things were not available where we had been born and raised. Mom warned us to leave everything nice and clean. We just grinned and nodded.

In the morning I woke up with a jab in the side from my sister. When I turned to her, she covered her face with a look of horror. That’s when I noticed the stiffness of my face and the stain that covered the previously beautiful white pillow. I looked at my sister “Shh” I said, then I took the pillow and turned it over, putting the stain out of view. My sister giggled and told me I’d better wash my face or Mom would find out.

To this very day, my sister and I wonder how the house maid must have reacted when she came in later that day to find a blood-stained pillow.

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