The Dreams of A Pregnant Woman

I love a good story! This is probably why I don’t mind having dreams. In the past three months, I have had no shortage of dreams. They don’t always stick with me, but sometimes I wake up and I just can’t wait to tell my husband all about it!

sleeping-pregnant-woman-27341553They say that one of the symptoms of pregnancy is vivid dreams. I don’t know who “they” are, but I read it somewhere, and for me, this has been true.

In the first baby dream that I had, Continue reading

Sitting on a Cloud, Watching The Artist

This is how classical music makes me feel.

Today, the Saturday after Good Friday, classical music came back into my life. I have always been most fond of classical music. I felt so strongly about it, in fact, that when I was in middle school, I got teased about it. Some of my peers were under a misguided impression that classical music could only be enjoyed by Continue reading

12 Weeks and Counting

It’s been seven weeks since my suspicions were confirmed. It’s happening to me! There is a human being growing above my bladder. At seven weeks, I got to see the heartbeat for the first time. It was almost surreal. I looked up at that screen the technician turned towards me and thought, Wow, it’s really there! I’m actually pregnant!

Since that day, I have wondered Continue reading