The Aron Peters Family 1746-2000

I have been curious about my family genealogy for as long as I can remember. I tried searching the internet, but I never knew where to look. I had no starting point. Then I found out about this book, my family had it the whole time. Now, for the first time in my life, I get to see, and share with you, what my ancestry is.

S.S.Canada. The ship that brought that families to Canada.

Aron Peters was born in 1746 in Prussia, near Poland, and died sometime before 1802. He had two wives. The name of the first wife is unknown but he had two children with her: Elizabeth ( 1768 ) and Helena ( 1774 ) also born in Prussia. Aron married his second wife, Helena Krahn, on September 14, 1780. Ironically, Helena Krahn was born the same year as Aron’s first child. Aron and Helena had seven children together : Anna (1782), Jacob (1784), Helena (1784), Cornelius (1786), Gertrude (1791), Aron (1794), and Klaas (1797).

The family of Aron Peters were with the first group of six families to leave Prussia in 1787. They moved to Schoenhorst, Chortitza, the old colony in South Russia. On Easter Sunday, March 22, 1788 another 509 people moved there, and by the fall of 1788 a total of 228 families had moved to Russia. By 1797 a total of about 400 families had left their Prussian homeland to settle on the steppes of Russia. In the spring of 1804 many of these families had moved to Molochnaya River in South Russia. Eventually the total number of families to emigrate from Prussia to Molotschna Colony was likely more than 1000 families.

Between 1874 and 1880 almost even thousand Mennonites emmigrated to Manitoba, Canada from Russua (Ukraine).

Within twenty years of the arrival of the first settlers in Canada, a lot of the old colony Mennonites moved from Manitoba to two locations in Saskatchewan: Hague and Swift Current.

Beginning in 1922 the old colony Mennonites from Swift Current, Saskatchewan and from Manitoba moved to Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua, Mexico. The ones from Hague, Saskatchewan moved to Nuevo Ideal, (Patos) Durango, Mexico.

This is my genealogy:

My Parents are Johann K. Wiebe + Susanna R. Peters.

My Grandparents are Isaak P. Wiebe + Sarah H. Klassen (Dad’s Parents) and Franz H. Peters + Elizabeth Redekop (Mom’s parents). Franz H. Peters was born in Hague, Saskatchewan, Canada, and died in La Honda, Zacatecas, Mexico.

My Great-Grandparents are David G. Peters + Helena P. Harder (Mom’s father’s parents), and David P. Redekop + Katharina Reimer (Mom’s mother’s parents). My father’s grandparents are not recorded. David G. Peters and his wife Helena were born in Manitoba, Canada.

My Great-Great-Grandparents are David M. Peters + Susana J. Goertzen (He came to Canada at the age of 11 on a ship called S.S.Canadian. This ship arrived in Quebec City on July 19, 1875. In the summer of 1898 they moved from Ebenfeld, Manitoba, Canada, to blumenthal, Saskatchewan, Canada) and Isaac M. Harder + Helena H. Penner.

My Great-Great-Great-Grandparents are David Peters +Katharina Mueller. Both were born in South Russia.

My Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandparents are Klaas Peters + Susanna Klassen. Both born in South Russia.

My Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandparents are Aron Peters + Helena Krahn. Both were born in Prussia.

22 thoughts on “The Aron Peters Family 1746-2000

  1. Hi Margaret. I actually borrowed the book when I came for a visit. Looks like you need it so I will send it back to Mom’s.
    Love you.

  2. Hello! I am Mark Vok, grandson of A. Gramson and H. Kargut. My grandmother, Helen Kargut, had a grandmother from either Rosthern or more likely Hague, named ? Harder, married to ? Peters. They were both from Mennonite families.
    If you can provide any help sorting this out, I would be most grateful!


    PS: reach me at

  3. You havent updated your website for a while how is it going
    Aron Peters was my great great great grandfather my parents were with those that moved from Hague Saskatchawan to Mexico we moved back to Canada in 1960 and are living in Manitoba

    • Hey, thanks for your comment! I’ve been looking for inspiration to update my website with. 🙂 I think I’ve found some too, but we’ll see. Are you telling me that you’re cousins with my mother? she was a Peters before she married. Strangly enough I have an Uncle named Isaak Peters. What does the K in your name stand for?

    • My grandparentd moved to Mexico in 1926 with four children. My aunt Margartha married there and came back to canada in 1950’s. all the rest of the family stayed in Mexico. My grandprants are buried somewhere in Patos now called Nuevo Ideal. can any one direct me to places that would help me find my relatives. All the names on this site sound famialar because i to have Peters Klassens etc. in my family history. I’m looking for Johann Schroeder family or what ever information I can find Thank Evelyn

  4. I found your site quite interesting especially the similiarities between your families lineage and mine.
    My Peters family also came over in 1875 in their case the SS Sarmation on July 6 and settled initially in Schoenfeld eventually moving to Reinfeld north of Hague Sask.
    They also made the trek to Mexico in 1924 where my Uncle was born, though my dad being born in Hague.
    With all the Harders, Klassens etc in with my Peters lineage I am sure without much doubt that we share some common ancesters, which ones these would be I probably will never know.
    I enjoyed reading your site, it gives me pause to remember my own ancestery

    • It’s neat isn’t it! I am pretty sure you are right, more likley than not, we are connected one way or another. I’m glad you enjoyed reading about my family background. I enjoyed writing it 🙂

  5. Hi Margaret,

    Aron Peters is my 5th great grandfather. His daughter Elizabeth (mother unknown) married Franz Peters b. 1770, the son of Hermann Peters b. abt. 1744. (A Peters married a Peters) Do you know if Aron and Hermann Peters were related?

    Aron also had a third wife Kristina. Did they have a family?

    • To be honest, I don’t know. I will let you know when I find the time to dig…either way…you and I are related by blood. Where did you grow up?

      • Hi Margaretha,
        I found through DNA testing that Aron and Hermann were either brothers or first cousins. The info that I gave earlier on Aron having a third wife is probably incorrect, but I did read it somewhere. I grew up in Vancouver. My father Peter Franz Peters immigrated to Canada in 1926 along with his siblings and father to Rosthern, Sask.

  6. ok one more time tonight, it is 8:42 p.m. here, not a.m. haha

    i gave you the wrong list # for Franz Peters that could be mine! and yours haha
    it should be the Franz #3218 he is listed next after Susanna the widow, duh! AND I am getting my brain going here, the only child i have listed for Franz is Aganetha b. 1853 who married my Johann and she is in # 3205 it is all connecting slowly, so now i have found some more siblings etc. for her!!

    3218 Frank [Franz] Peters 46 labourer; Angth [Anganetha] 43 wife; Franz 16 labourer; Claas 14 labourer; Herman 7 child; Aron 5 child; Jacob 1 infant; Susane 20 spinster; Justina 11 child; Judith 9 child. Comments: R193-1; Ebenfeld/WR; moved west.

  7. hi again Margaretha, i think it would make us fourth or fifth cousins or something??? i can never figure that out! I was just looking at the passenger lists for July 19, 1875 and here is your Klaas’ family:

    Susanna was a widow when she came over with her children, and there is a note here that Klaas died in 1866. It also says that she settled in Ebenfeld, Manitoba in the WR West Reserve i think that stands for, does this sound familiar for where you had her living?

    Quebec Passenger Lists: 1874-1880
    with Names Compared to the Hamburg Passenger Lists
    and Families Cross Referenced to Church Registers

    S.S. Canadian No. 32 arrived in Quebec on July 19, 1875

    3217 Claas W {Widow} Peters 73 labourer; Claas 49 labourer; Aron 42 labourer; Isaak 33 labourer; Susana 35 spinster. Comments: R192-1; Ebenfeld/WR. This is Widow Susanna nee Klassen Peters. Her husband Claas Peters died in 1866.

    here is the web page with the listings of my Johann Peters’ on here #3206 is my Great Great grandfather, and #3205 is my Great Great Great grandfather and families.

    my family tree has a Franz to carry it on from Klaas and Susanna, and there is one on here with his family # 3146, is he familiar to you as part of their family on your tree? i dont have the rest of their kids in mine, so will add them. Also wanted to ask you if you have any Teichroeb relatives in your tree?? as my Grandma Peters was a Teichroeb.

    This gets so interesting when you find relatives lol

  8. hi Margaret, i just found your website tonight and have enjoyed reading about your family. I have noticed that we might have the same great x4 grandparents, Klaas Peters b. 15 March 1797 and Susanna Klassen b. 3 October 1802. My great x3 grandparents would be Franz Peters b. 16 December 1828 and Aganetha (nee) Peters b. 23 June 1832. I only have Franz for their children’s names. Do these dates sound familiar? also, my great great grandparents Johann and Katharina Janzen came over on the same ship! Please let me know if these birth dates are the same as your great x4 grandparents, nice to have found your site anyway, whether we are related or not!

    • Hey Marge, I can’t find the family book at the moment but I do remember reading those names that you mentioned, the dates would be right too. So in the event that we are related, what would that make us?? Distant cousins?

  9. I am trying to trace my geneology. My maiden name is Peters. All I know so far is that my grandparents were Frank and Nettie Peters of Blumenthal SK. Both of them are deceased and burried in the Blumenthal cemetary. Frank passed away in about 1980, Nettie passed away in 1992, my father Henry Peters was born in Blumenthal in 1947 and died in Saskatoon in March 2000 and was buried in the Blumenthal cemetary, also my Aunt Susan passed away January 2002 and was burried in the Blumenthal cemetary.

    How can I find out if we are related to Aron Peters.

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