Treasures In The Attic

The wind howled against the house, rattling the windows enough to wake Natalie Rockwell from her sleep. She snuggled deeper into the warmth of her bed, wanting just a few more minutes before she had to get up. Her alarm clock came to life at just that moment declaring a snow day for all the schools in her area.

What? Natalie rubbed the sleep from her eyes and glanced at the window. Good grief I’m in a cloud. The entire window was covered in a dust of snow, but it was thick enough that the outside world didn’t exist.

Ugh, what am I going to do all day? Natalie slipped into her fuzzy kitten slippers, tied her house coat at her waist and wandered into the kitchen. She wasn’t at all surprised to find Granddad already up, sipping from his cup of coffee while he studied his old Bible.

“Good morning dear, did you hear the news?” The warmth of his smile never got old.

“Yes Granddad, I heard the news just after I woke up.” Natalie said, giving the old man a kiss on the cheek. He chuckled. “Well you couldn’t very well have heard the news before you woke up now could you?”

“No, Granddad, then I would have come out here thinking I had dreamt it all.” Granddad laughed and Natalie loved him for it. She loved the camaraderie between the two of them.

“So what will you do today? Any homework to catch up on?” Granddad handed his mug to her for a refill of coffee.

Natalie filled his mug and then did one for herself as well. “I’m not really sure.” Natalie slid into the chair next to Granddad and laid her head on his shoulder. “I spent all evening yesterday finishing up an assignment.” She sat up a moment later as a thought struck her. “I may end up rummaging through the attic if Mom has nothing for me to do.”

It had been months since she’d been in the attic going through old family things. Since the house had been in the family for so many generations, there was always something to explore and discover.

“I’m sure your mother won’t mind, and if she needs you, she’ll come find you. Although, with it being a snow day, I’m sure your mom will be getting a day off too. Most parents wont be needing your mom’s home daycare today.” Natalie pressed another kiss on her Granddad’s wrinkled cheek, grabbed her mug of coffee and headed for the attic.

The door to the attic at the top of the stairs creaked and squeaked with age as she opened it. In that moment as she took in the dust-covered sheets that covered old antique furniture and boxes upon boxes, Natalie felt as if she was about to get lost in another world, another time. Her eyes fell upon Grandmother’s writing desk in the corner. Her old journal lay on the desk. The corner of a faded picture stuck out from the side.

Natalie smiled, it would be like having coffee with her Grandmother again. Natalie sat down at the old desk and blew the dust off the journal, eager for the journey Grandmother might take her on.

Continue the story with Grandmother’s Journal

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