Work Life

Hello my reader friend! Here, have a seat. Let’s have some coffee and catch up on life. Or at least, I’ll catch you up on mine.

Work selfie from Valintines. Love the cozy environment.

Work selfie from Valintines. Love the cozy environment.

How’s work going, you ask? Well, it’s been just about six months since I started working at Cafe Limoncello on Ottawa street. I’m still enjoying the work in the front of the house, which is restaurant lingo for, I’m not working in the kitchen.:) While some days can get insanely busy, I still prefer being in the dining room serving the food, and clearing tables, as opposed to making the food.

Making the food was always more stressful for me. At least it was when it got busy at Anchor Bar, so now when things get busy at Limoncello, I can relate to the kitchen staff. I do my best not to let food sit in the window, because I know how annoying and frustrating it is for the kitchen. After all, they’re the ones who get the complaints when the food gets cold, but it’s actually our fault for letting it sit there while we’re rushing to get other things done.

Oh, I’ve come up with a new motto that I say to myself over and over while I’m running food. But there’s a specific time that I have to say it. It’s just after I’ve grabbed a plate of food from the window. That moment when my fingers tell my brain that the plate is trying to cook my fingers alive. I might try to readjust how I’m holding the plate, but that just slows me down. So as I’m rushing across the dining room through a maze of tables, chairs, the occasional stray purse, or that random spot of sunshine on the floor that wants to trip me up I just whisper in my head. Over and over I say “Just let it burn.”

Normally I try to figure out who’s having what before I just plop the plate down, but when my fingers are screaming in pain, I just want to put that sucker down. Of course I don’t want it to look like I can’t handle the heat, but hey, when it’s hot, it’s hot, and people are hungry so I say “just let it burn.” Then I hope I’m burning calories while I’m at it.

What’s my favorite part about my job? Obviously, it’s the people that I get to serve everyday. While I’m a busser/hostess and not a “server”, I’m still technically serving people. The best part is that I get to do it with a smile, and sometimes I’ll come across someone who shares my sense of humor. That’s when my night is made. When something I say makes someone laugh. Those people get to enjoy their meal,and leave with a smile on their face. That is the best part about my job.

Of course I love the perks that I get at work. I have a great boss, and I get to work with some pretty nice people. Not to mention the food is really good.

I could probably go on and on about this and that, but I should probably get some sleep. After all, I work in the morning. Thanks for letting me catch up on my work life. 🙂

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